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What Does Valentine's Day Mean To You?

For me, the meaning of Valentine's Day is a special reminder to appreciate those we love. Valentine's Day also reminds me of my growing up years with my grandmother Encarnacion Bechaves, a strong lady who made a reputable name in the flower industry in the Philippines.

Encarnacion believed that a family working together made a huge difference to the success of the flower shop business and the patronage of its customers. I vividly recall not attending school every February 12 till the 15th just to help out in the family's flower shop business. Our lanai would always be filled with roses of different colors like red, white, orange, pink and yellow. Everyone in the family had to work during Valentine season, my cousins, titos and titas all have their assigned task to fulfill.

We all experienced how to deliver flowers, to be a cashier, to assist customers, clean roses, make ribbons, boxes, arrange , etc. We did not mind skipping meals, and are quite festive despite working till wee hours or staying up for 48 hours during this season as long as we were doing things together.

These experiences taught me about the requirements of running a flower shop during Valentine's season. It made me also understand the value of hard work, discipline and responsibility, the craft which gave me the confidence that I could achieve anything. It also taught me the importance of customer service. Thus, I have become a hands on owner as I want to ensure that flower orders are fulfilled, and arrangements are meticulous and beautiful and pretty. Especially for Valentine's Day. For I take joy that I am a part of people's lives through my online flower shop.

Happy Valentine's Day!